Property Resource Associates is a Florida-based company that was established by Gary Plichta and has become an active and progressive multifamily investment and property management firm in the US. Gary has redefined apartment development and management for over 30+ years, from a product standpoint, that meant building communities of lasting value through inspired design, attention to detail, and tenant friendly living. In the coming year Property Resource Associates will have successfully launched acquisition and property management platforms into additional communities to strengthen its strategic position, diversify its revenue sources and more aggressively build its portfolio.




Development of site selection, entitlement, design, solid financing and value generation is the approach Property Resource Associates pursues for multifamily development. With the strength and expertise of having built over 5000+ units, Property Resource Associates is a seasoned builder that knows how to work on all fronts of a project including the know-how of working cooperatively with neighborhood groups, city and county municipalities, architecture, and financing.


The construction team at Property Resource Associates has built all types of apartment homes available today, including traditional garden-style apartments and modern mid-rises. Challenging infill locations, student housing and mixed-use buildings are just a few of the obstacles the company has tackled and overcome. Property Resource Associates operates as the construction manager overseeing the general contractor on each project as well as managing the supervision of the contracting of qualified subcontractors to ensure that the highest quality of work to deliver every project on time and on budget.


Property Resource Associates approaches every community to achieve maximum value through aggressive marketing and leasing. Our expertise includes pre-leasing, lease-up, renovation and repositioning properties of diverse product type and quality.


Due diligence,Underwriting, Asset management, Transition planning and execution, Construction project management, Value-add redevelopment, Deal sourcing, Custom account reporting, Capital expense management, Strategic marketing and public relations, Custom leasing solutions, Staff training and online support.

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